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Academic societies; developing industry skills

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Our academic societies have so much fun, making friends and socialising – but the added bonus for all of the members is that they get to develop skills and gain experience that builds a portfolio of achievements which in some cases is academically credit bearing.

The Student Engagement Team in the Students’ Union are always on hand help with society events planning and a conversation between staff member Kyle Jordan and the One Media Group committee, led to a fantastic collaboration between Staffs TV, Staffs Cue Sports, Keele Pool Society and external sponsors.  

On 10.12.22 Staffs TV live streamed their coverage of ‘Staffs Vs Keele 8-ball pool face off’ which was the culmination of events and logistical planning, liaising with suppliers and sponsors, team and role organising as well studio design and lighting set ups, which resulted in an afternoon of live action sports coverage.

The Staffs TV team, which includes the whole dedicated student crew, worked tirelessly pre, post and during the event to make this project work and what an event it was! Everyone involved had a key role to play and made sure that everything was just right.

Students Jonathan Stack & Brad Price took the roles of sports commentators and no surprise, they both smashed it out of the park; demonstrating both a keen eye for the game and their professional commentary.

StaffsTV/OMG radio (AKA Staffs One Media Group) have worked wonders this semester. From the get-go they have been on top form with a can-do attitude; attending university open days, outside broadcasts, Welcome Fairs and recruitment, as well as co-ordinating station management, programming and broadcasting – they have also been keen to work with other university and Students’ Union departments to promote services and student groups, to promote clubs and societies.

The One Media Group team have been front and centre from the start of the year. We offer a huge round of applause to them!

This weekend's pool match and numerous other promotions couldn’t have happened without the commitment and perseverance this media group holds. The whole Union and University cannot wait to see what StaffsTV has to offer in the upcoming months.

They want to be heard. Now they have been!

You can view all Staffs TV content on their You Tube channel and listen live to OMG online

Staffs TV in Cadman studio

Staffs TV and cue sports


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