Student Council 15.02.22

This article highlights some of the actions and achievements from our Student Council meeting in February.

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Semester 2 Rep Council February 2022

Rep Council 15.03.2022.

In February our Student Council (made up of your elected officers, network leaders and department representatives) met to discuss a variety of student issues and ideas. In advance of our upcoming meeting on the 8th of April, we’re looking back on the actions and achievements from the previous meeting.  

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Rep Council were first consulted on the Unions ongoing strategic review and elected that a stronger focus on Equality and Diversity issues should be central to the union's next strategic priorities. They also noted that proactive activism was missing from the Unions existing “Values” and highlighted the need for more mental health awareness and accessibility in the creation of the new Union Values.  

Next, the successes of Rep Council members' achievements were also celebrated, to name a few: 

  • A department rep is leading on the creation of sexual harassment seminars for their department. 

  • Another department rep secured timetable changes to better suit the needs of students on their course. 

  • The LGBTQ+ Network set up a Trans* fund helping students get closer to their transition goals. 


The Council then raised a variety of issues affecting students and actioned changes to these: 

  • Misinformation had been given to students about SVLO to support services pipeline, to change this, Rep Council asked for this to be raised with the team, which has since been raised and rectified. 

  • A lack of quiet study space was discussed, to rectify this all officers will continue to push the university for more to be implemented. 

  • Ongoing timetable and concerns around in-person exams issues were raised and passed on to the Officer team to push for the earlier release of completed timetables and clarity on the Universities stance on exams. 



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