Student Hub Workshop: What happened?

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Student Voice

"Everything should be on students' terms." 

Notes by Jamie Robertson, Edited by Ela Hollies

On Wednesday 22nd August, students gathered at the new Student Hub (located at the Science Centre) to hear an update on how everything was going...

The Basics

  • The Student Hub will be open for all students to use and will be your 'one-stop-shop' for all services and support on campus.
  • It will include bookable spaces, pop-up stalls for various services and campaigns throughout the week and students will be able to access digital self-service machines for booking appointments and replacing their student cards. However, there'll also be staff wandering around, on-hand, ready to take any of your queries.
  • Opening hours will be 8am - 8pm, Monday to Thursday with the Hub closing earlier at 5 on Friday.
  • Weekend hours are reduced with Saturdays 10am - 2pm and Sundays open until 1pm.
  • One of the biggest updates is that the Careers & Personal Development department will be moving there.
  • Pizza, beer and soft drinks were enjoyed by all!

An accessible Hub?

Those students who attended the last workshop will remember the hefty debates around the accessibility of the new Hub.

Whilst not everything raised at the last consultation has been dealt with (the revolving door issue for one!), the University have taken positive steps to include and consult students with various disabilities and accessibility requirements throughout the process - often using the Disabled Students' Network as a sounding board for ideas.

The Hub will be integrated with the DisabledGo site, meaning students will be able to easily find and contribute information about the accessibility of building.


Pro-VC, Sue Reece, tweets about success of Hub workshop.

A digital Hub?

Sessions ran by staff will be recorded and uploaded online for students, following the trend of Lecture Capture, meaning, for instance, our Distance-learner students can still interact with this content.

A 'Digital Garage' will be set up here for students to access. If your laptop breaks - these will be the go-to-guys!

The launch of the Student Hub coincides with the release of the new Bot which will be ready to download in September. This will be replacing the current Staffs app and be much more fun and interactive.


A family-friendly Hub?

Steps are being taken to create a family-friendly area within the Hub so student parents can be assured their children will be safe, and preoccupied, whilst they're visiting.


"I couldn't attend and want to feedback, how can I contribute?"

Pro-VC, Sue Reece, encourages all students to be 'critical friends' along the way so make sure to provide feedback online and via social media. However, if you're not a huge Twitter fan, the University will be setting up pages for students to offer suggestions on the Hub online and we'll be coordinating further consultation workshops in the future - watch this space!


Let us know your thoughts on the Student Hub by tweeting us @staffsunion.


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