Student Voice Month!

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Last month, the Union’s been all about the ‘Student Voice’ (even more so than usual)! We held a variety of events – but what exactly was said and what’s being done about it?

Student Representative Council – 15th of November

We had our first ‘Council’ of the year, a chance to have our Department Reps (students representing all different university departments) and our Network Managers (the people leading of our Representative Networks) meeting to hear about what the Union & Elected Officers have been getting up to.

What was discussed?

The main things that came up were mental health, the new sexual violence policy and issues that have been going on with car parking.

What’s being done about it?

  • Tuesday Forrest your Vice President is going to look into why Student Services’ waiting lists are taking so long and Scott William-Smith will bring this to the University's Board of Governors attention too.
  • Steph Cairncross your Vice President is going to help make sure that the Union help set the record straight on car parking.

Check out our social media next semester when we’ll be announcing the date of our next Student Rep Council!

Better Staffs Forum

A chance to get YOUR big idea heard by the union so you can change how we do things, hosted by StaffsTV and broadcast to facebook – you can still watch the video here.

What was discussed?

There was some a great chat about getting Lockers for students, as well as changing the now empty space in the Cadman building to become a ‘Study Skills Space’ for students to chat with mentors. We also talked students studying in Stafford & Shrewsbury getting a bus up to Stoke for events.

What’s being done about it?

  • The Union will begin to look into more support for lockers
  • The Study Skills Space is already being turned into space for students to meet with their mentors
  • More looking into support for transporting students from other campuses

Our next Better Staffs Forum will be on the 23rd January in Blackheath Lane, Stafford..

NUS Delegate Elections

We also elected our ‘NUS Delegates’ – these are 4 student representatives who go up to Glasgow in 2019 for the National Union of Students UK Conference. They’ll be taking big ideas for Staffs up to make it policy for nearly ALL UK Student Unions!

With over 200 voters four Staffs Delegates are being sent to national conference to talk about Big Ideas on the Big Stage: Geeta Lal, Scott William-Smith, Tuesday Forrest and Tash Crump. It was a great election with 8 candidates in total - well done to all that stood.  

It’s an interesting time for NUS so if you have any thoughts on questions we should be asking at national conference, email the Student Voice Team at

Student Members Meeting

And finally, our Student Members Meeting; a chance to hear what the Union’s been spending its money to make your lives better! Our CEO Ken went through the accounts, which will be published and available on the website for you all to see very soon – for now you can see the livestream via facebook. It was a chance to reflect on everything that’s been done in the Union last year, how money was spent to give back to your student experience.

All in all, it was a very exciting month! We heard some new issues but want to know if YOU have an idea for the union, university or even wider? You can always use our Big Idea tool to submit ideas onto our website for consideration, or drop an email to the Student Voice Team!


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