Students fundraise for #BlackLivesMatter

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We spoke to Jools, one of the students who helped to fundraise over £400 for the #BlackLivesMatters cause recently...

Image source: Vanix Esports Charity News

The Fundraising Team

Jools "Slooj" | @JoolsHughes | Twitch
Staffordshire University Student

Josh "BlackJosh01" | @Black_Josh0 | Twitch
Staffordshire University Student

Tae-John Edwards "TayuPc" | @Tae24_9 | Twitch
University of Liverpool Student


Q: Tell us about your fundraising...

A: Myself and 2 other student streamers, including another Staffs student Josh Faulkner, raised £415.97 collectively for the Black Lives Matter movement, and it could not have been possible without the generous donations from the viewers.


Q: What inspired you to fundraise?

A: The idea came about as we currently work for Vanix Esports (an Esports organisation founded by students at Staffs, my role is Live Content Manager, and my colleagues as Streamers) and so we already have an established friendship and collaborations on our platforms.

We decided we could do our bit to help the movement by creating a series of charity streams on our platforms to fundraise for various Black Lives Matter charities of the streamers choice.

The BLM movement is a necessary, progressive step towards a world of equality, to which the three of us wanted to contribute more than raising awareness on such an important world issue.


Q: How could others fundraise too?

A: Whilst COVID 19 has made physical fundraising difficult, live streaming has always been an engaging and effective form of raising funds, and that is true more so now than ever. Additionally, if  people aren't familiar with live streaming sites like, there are more mainstream alternatives such as YouTube Live and Facebook Gaming which gives people creative options when fundraising at home.

We should all be utilising our talents, skills and hobbies to make the changes we want to see, wherever possible. 

Inspired to fundraise? Get in touch with our Student Engagement Team to find out how we can support you to raise funds for a cause of your choice.


Find out more about the Fundraisers:

Read Vanix Esports Charity News | #BlackLivesMatter Charity Streams raise £415.97



If you're interested in some further reading, head to our Black Lives Matter Campaign Page

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