Sustainable Christmas Crafting

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Decorations - using recycled and natural materials!

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If you look on the ground this time of year, you will spot so many Pine Cones! Pick them up and take them home, you can create so much with these small spikey cones!

Step 1. Dry them out over night so the cone can open up, that way, if you would like to paint them, you can get in all the gaps! 

Step 2. Get creative!

Create a Christmas Wreath using glue or wire to stick them toegther (you may need a 30-40 pine cones depending on the size of the wreath - the fuller the better!) - you can use an old metal coat hanger and shape it in a circle. 








Create Hanging Tree Decor using wire or an old shoe lace/ribbon around the base of the pine...if you have paint or glitter then shinier the better! 

Create a Christmas Flower Bouquet by glueing the base of the pine cone on the end of a wooden stick or twig you find on a walk and put them in a flower bouquet to give that christmas feel! You could even place them in your tree! 

Create a Candle Wreath by glueing some pine cones on an old unused CD as the base (depending on the size of the candle) and maybe pick some holly on your next walk and place some berries in between. 

Create a Mini Winter Wonderland! Turn the pine cone with the thinner end poiniting up and use a a stone or piece of wood to balance it. Spray the trees white and of course, if you have glitter, add that too! You can make the stars from un-recyclable chritmas wrapping paper, which saves thowing it in the general waste bin! This will be a great table piece or ornament on a shelf! 

Create Mini Snowmen/women. Spray them white and get some cotton wool and fluff them out, draw on the eyes, add a carrot out of scrap paper and a bit of ribbon for the scarf! You would have now created snow people - even your own snow family! 

Create your own Pine Cone Garland for either around your tree, stair banister, mantle piece or as a table runner! Tie them together using some string and some ribbon for extra decorations.

Create some Winter Animals...they are spikey; so why not turn them into winter hedgehogs. Add some eyes, red ribbon and little twigs for thier feet! 

These are only a handful of crafts and ideas to be creative but also decorations you can make with recycled material rather than buy them from a store! 


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