The #BetterStaffs Action Plan | October 2019

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If you have an idea to improve your experience here at Staffs, there's no better place than the #BetterStaffs Forum

Head to to tell us your ideas and we'll help it become reality!

At the latest #BetterStaffs, we've created an Action Plan. Take a look at our next steps below...

(The images displayed below are one example of a variety of ideas we've had submitted. Click to see the full list or submit your own.)

Wellbeing | Software | Sustainability | Catering | Washing Machines | Parking | Student Groups

Topic | Wellbeing

ACTION. The Union will:

  • lobby the University to implement a 'Buddy System' and for more staffing for Mental Health services

  • increase publicity for Mental Health Services & Estrangement

Topic | Software

ACTION. The Union will:

  • campaign for greater transparency regarding hidden course costs for software/hardware access

  • collate all feedback around this issue and direct to relevant figures in the University

Topic | Sustainability

ACTION. The Union will:

  • take all sustainability-related suggestions from the #BetterStaffs Big Ideas tool to the Union Green Working Group to carry out

Topic | Catering & Vending Machines

ACTION. The Union will:

  • re-explore the possibility of a 24/7 'Union Shop' vending machine on campus with the University

  • request information about the University's contract with Selector (vending machine company)

Topic | Washing Machines

ACTION. The Union will:

  • pressure Circuit to audit and replace any broken machines

  • request information about the University's contract with Circuit

Topic | Parking

ACTION. The Union will:

  • lobby the university for more car parking spaces and for flooing problems to be addressed

Topic | Student Group Committee Rules

ACTION. The Union will:

  • Change Bye-laws (our governing documents) to allow students to be manager of more than one society




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