The Leadership Race: Can You Vote?

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Leadership Logo and Key Dates

The Leadership Race is your Union's annual election where students select their student leaders for the next academic year - whether that be your Full Time Officer Team or Student Group committees.

All current, registered students are eligible to vote in the election, but that doesn't mean everyone at Staffs will be able to.

If you didn't opt in and share your data with the Union when you enrolled or re-enrolled, you will not be able to vote in any elections.

You can check if you've shared your data with the Students' Union here.

However! Even if you have shared your data with the Union, there are still instances where you will not be able to vote.

As you must be defined by the University as a current, registered student in order to participate, you'll be excluded if the University have marked your status as anything different than "Current" on their system.

Two examples of this would be:

 - If you've left your course early and the University have marked you as "Withdrawn" from your course

 - If your teaching finished earlier in the year and the University have marked you as "Complete" (for example on negotiated masters courses).

If you are currently intermitting, you can still vote in the elections as you are still classed as a registered student according to current University regulations.

If you haven't shared your data and wish to do so in order to vote, all you need to do is email This link to the email contains an example message, if you'd prefer to use that - you just need to add your full name and student number.

There is a deadline of 10am on Monday 18th March to send this request. This is to allow enough time for requests to be processed before the electoral roll of who can vote is closed before voting opens at 9am on Tuesday 19th March.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Student Voice Team.


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