The life of a virtual DJ: What's it like?

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What's it like DJing virtual club nights?

Interview with Dom McBratney

We caught up with Staffs student and DJ of virtual club nights at LRV (digital Gobbles and Flashback Fridays), DOM to find out what life is like livestreaming for hundreds of students.


Q: What were you doing as DJ before lockdown?

Before lockdown, I was living the life!! Enjoying DJing events like BASS MOVEMENT and ASTRO, as well as playing in Verve for Gobble nights. It was so much fun and I enjoyed every night I played, seeing people’s happy faces was the highlight of it all!


Q: What it's like being a "virtual" DJ?

It’s actually so underrated. Due to the current pandemic, I feel like it’s made DJs adapt and evolve to suit the climate in the best way. Obviously real events will always be more engaging but I feel like it’s been a fun way of carrying on the party!


VIDEO: DOM partnered up with the Hip Hop Society over lockdown to bring students a livestream via YouTube.

Q: What has engagement been like on the streams?

Engagement on the streams has varied. Some nights are better than others but overall I’ve been so surprised at how people react and engage within the streams!

Especially for something like a DJ set, keeping peoples attention is hard so I always try my hardest to keep peoples interest and engage as much as possible.

At the end of the day, it’s just as much about the viewers than it is about me.


Q: Why would people enjoy coming to your virtual DJ steams?

I feel like people would enjoy coming to my streams as I provide something extra to regular DJ streams. I love interacting and having a laugh with the people and it always makes for an enjoyable time.


You can watch DOM's stream of digital club nights Gobble and Flashback on his Twitch stream (Sound By Dom).

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