Student Voice Month: Our top 5 impacts

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Ever wonder what the Students' Union gets up to on a day-to-day basis? We work hard on making a Positive Impact on all students lives at Staffs, take a look… 


  1. From Krispy Kremes to a healthier meal deal… the Union shops stepping it’s game up this year. With seasonal products on offer, such as pre-Zombie Apocalypse Gobble Halloween props, and and incredible win of selling sanitary products at cost price!

  2. Students have the most creative ideas, with hundreds of different societies on offer you’re still coming up with some fantastic ideas. We’ve helped set up over 15 new student groups so far this year and lucky you, you can meet them all at the upcoming mini-Societies fair in Henrion Gallery on the 20th November!

  3. Hopefully this month you’ve noticed the work the Union and University have been doing towards Mental Health this year. As well hosting some sick Crafternoons and yes, spending a good afternoon with 4 adorable dogs we’ve made a commitment to students by training several staff in Mental Health First Aid!

  4. Looooadsa live music - FOR FREE! We’ve introduced our weekly Coffee House Sessions in Verve every Monday afternoon with upcoming talent from around the country for you to enjoy with a side of denver fries AND our Ember Live Lounge Sessions once a month showcasing performances from acts in the Staffs community.

  5. And last but most definitely not least, the absolute heroes who are GreenPad have secured several students emergency accomodation in their time of need. There’s not much that beats that in terms of impacts on student’s lives.


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