Things Officers Did To Change Your Experience

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The Officer Team isn't here to just look pretty above Ember or do speeches at your graduation, they actually do so much more.

Whilst they do the above, they also lobby with the university to get key changes made that make your experiences better, fix issues that are proving dentrimental to your experience, enjoyment or studying, and also lead the Union for the year ahead.

Some of the key changes they've been a part of this year include:

- Media Rooms are now accessible to students after 9pm.
- A whole group of Engineering students were given the opportunity to retake an entire module after several issues.
- Reinbursement for any travel expenses and an alternative assessment was organised within 48 hours of Forensics students being given the wrong exam paper to sit.
- Students at Stafford and Shrewsbury Centres of Excellence received support after an administrative error by the University meant that they didn't receive any funding. Student loans were paid out quickly thanks to this being flagged.
- Dean of the School of Computing and Digital Technologies is exploring opportunities for students to retain the rights to the games they create as part of their studies after they leave the University.
- The Sports Executive Student Forum was created to formally continue student input in shaping Sport at Staffs.
- Direct input into the University's review of all academic regulations via their working group.
- Extensive issues with Estates (especially car parking and access to building) have been collated via focus groups and delivered directly to the University.
- Lobbied successfully for a 24 hour extension for all students with deadlines after a fire close to the Cadman building impeded student access to the library.
- Extra out-of-hours safety measures and support provided for students after violent incidents in the Shelton area.
- Alternative car parking spaces made available by the University for those students affected by ongoing roadworks on Ashford Street in Shelton. 
- The University will now be collecting feedback from students taking dissertation/supervisor modules in their final year, via module feedback forms.
- Submitted a formal response to the QAA Quality Code Consultation. This is the document which sets what Universities should be doing to make sure their courses are of good quality.



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