Toilet Roll Tube Christmas Cracker making

Don't throw your Toilet Roll may need them

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X-mas cracker making

Want to make Christmas crackers for your Christmas table, decoration on the tree, or store gifts inside?

Keep your toilet roll will need 3 per cracker!

Choose some festive paper but make sure it's eco-friendly or even recycled paper to wrap around your tubes!

Step 1 cut out about an a4 size paper.
Step 2 line all three tubes in a row, add in a small gift or joke if you would like.
Step 3 wrap the piece around the three tubes and glue it or sellotape it together (if you ever bin the cracker, make sure it's recyclable friendly by removing any tape).
Step 4 pinch n the gaps between the tubes on either side of the middle tube.
Step 5 use a piece of ribbon or string to tie it together, making a cracker shape!

It doesn't stop there, you can create other festive decorations too!

A snowflake, a christmas tree, a wreath and gift wrap!  



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