Top 10 'Super' Money Saving Tips

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Money is one of the biggest worries or issues for many students, even when the vast majority work a part-time job. We've come up with some surefire tips that will help you save some of your hard earned skrilla in the future.

  •  When loan cash arrives, it's all too easy to celebrate with a big blow-out. But while it may be tempting, don't do it. Instead, to help you budget, use the free interactive Student Calculator tool from education charity Brightside.


  • Student-discount site Unidays is free and gives students a range of ongoing discounts via its site. You'll need an active email address to sign up. Unidays now offers some cracking discounts, such as 10% off in-store purchases at Superdrug and 50% off Spotify Premium.


  •   If you bought a TV licence during the academic year, and you're going home over the summer, you may be eligible for a refund when you leave your uni accommodation, if you've already paid for the period you won't be there.


  • Sites like VitalSource will loan you the e-version of textbooks for up to a year, for up to 50% less than buying the text new.


  •  Software freebies: For music and videos, one of the most widely compatible media players available, VLC Player can cope with pretty much any music or video format you throw at it. For recording, Audacity lets you add effects and create soundscapes from scratch. Both are available for PC, Mac and Linux. For image editing, basic cropping and editing, is easy to use and PC-compatible. For a more advanced photoshop equivalent, GIMP is a powerful tool with free add-ons and (PC and Mac), and Inkscape is handy for scalable vector graphics and works on PC, Mac and Linux.


  • Instead of buying train tickets for the whole journey, buying separate tickets for its constituent parts can slash the price – even though you're on exactly the same train.


  •  It's possible to earn £’s a year by taking part in online surveys, which are often short enough to fill in during breaks between lectures. Find the full list of top picks on the Money Savings Expert Survey Sites guide.


  • Be extremely wary of credit cards. These are best avoided while you're studying because if you don't have an income, you'll really struggle to repay the debts. This means the interest will compound and build quickly, leaving you owing serious cash. Avoid!


  • The Freebies Directory is a full compendium of hundreds of goodies you can get for nothing. Use it to get free revision guides, games, music downloads, tea, cookbooks and masses more. Check it out!


  • An NUS Extra card unlocks a number of exclusive student discounts in the UK, both in-store and online, and it now also doubles-up as an International Student Identity Card for use abroad. It costs £12 for a one-year card, £22 for a two years and £32 for three years. Anyone aged 16+ and studying in further or higher education either full or part-time can get one. Your course must have started, and there's no upper age limit.


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