Top Tips when looking for student accommodation

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Where you live when you're a student can really make a difference to your University experience (as well as your bank balance)... don't get caught up with outrageous admin fees and rush into dodgy contracts if you can avoid it. We're here to help!


1. You might be worried about finding people to live with but there are plenty, take some time to think about what sort of living situation you're looking for... maybe you'd prefer to live with people similar to you or maybe you're not overly bothered.
2. Drop into one of our FREE housing advice sessions for students, delivered by GreenPad. They're run by us in the Students' Union so we've got you in mind. Whether you rent through our lettings service or not, at the end of the day we want all of you to have a happy experience in whatever accommodation you end up in.
3. GreenPad have also mocked up a student-specific checklist for when you're looking at properties, check it out
4. Read through your contract fully before signing, or have someone look over it first. We've heard of contracts explicitly stating not to play your grammarphone past 11pm... points for those who know what one is.
5. Think about your budget. If you need some money management advice to help you work out what you can afford come speak to our Money Doctors team. They're great, honest!

We hope these tips help you out a little, but make sure to come along to our Don't Rent Yet! Housing Advice Sessions delivered by GreenPad, you can find the details here.


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