Top tips for LGBT+ students coming to Staffs!

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 Top Tips for new LGBT+ students 
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We asked students from the LGBT+ Network a few questions about the transition into University. We hope you find them useful!

 General top tips for any new students generally?

"I would say for students the best thing when starting University is to make sure to join in with Welcome Week and go to as many events as possible (even maybe arrange to go with your flatmates)"
"Get involved with the Union, societies and activities on campus. You'll meet other like-minded individuals and make friends very quickly. Your coursework is important but so is your social life"

"There's these things called power naps"

"There is SO much for new students to look forward to - so much that I can't actually put it into words, simply the process of starting uni is as exciting as it is daunting [...] new students can look forward to joining a loving and accepting community, in the form of the LGBT Network, which is dedicated to bettering themselves and each other; providing an education about queer people BY queer people and providing a comfortable and safe place for all its members"

 What were you worried about when coming to Uni?

"Before I started Uni I was so worried about not fitting in, so scared of upsetting others and not being able to find any friends and being alone. That has now changed through the friends I'd never thought I'd have met! Now I have a great and supportive circle of friends who are there for me if I ever need them!"
"...about not fitting in at Uni and being alone [...] After joining the LGBT Network and looking at all the different societies on campus, I feel less alone and more part of the Uni communty, which is nice"

"...finding a LGBT+ safe space, and that has for sure been found and created now"

"I was worried about coming out. It was a chance to be myself and that was difficult [...] since [coming out to flatmates] I've been known as who I am"
" an LGBT+ individual it was important for me to be myself, because I then felt at ease"

 What kind of things does the LGBT+ Network do?

All sorts!
Here's some of the things they did last year and are planning on doing this year:
  • BBQ
  • Games evenings
  • Study sessions
  • Nights out
  • Inclusive swimming sessions
  • Coffee time at Verve
  • Film nights
  • Paintballing
And probably loads more!

 One last thing...

"There is no rush to you finding yourself and understanding who you are, take as much time as you need."


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