Top tips for keeping your home safe and secure

Find out the best ways to keep your home safe and secure

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Whether you’re settling in for a night of studying, binge-watching new episodes of Brooklyn 99 or heading out for the evening, to join our ‘Top tips for walking home and staying safe’ we have some ‘Top tips for keeping your home safe!’


Know your neighbours

Get to know your neighbours! Not only can you team up and get yourself some fantastic pizza deals, you’ll know the people that you’d expect to be seeing in and around your home

Keep it on Lock Down

Netflix auto-play and doors that lock behind you have changed the world! But not all doors automatically close and lock behind you. Make sure you close and lock your bedroom and front doors behind you!

Codes on Codes on Codes on Codes

There’s over 5000 combinations on a 4 digit code lock. Don’t make it easy by telling everyone a code, yelling it from the roof or taping it above the key pad! 


It’s TEA-riffic knowing who’s in!

Keep track of who is in or out of your home. It’s safer than second guessing, plus you can keep you’re flat tea runs going!


Keep them closed

You wouldn’t leave your car unsecure, or your Facebook open – so why would you leave a door. By not propping doors open, you remove the opportunity of anyone getting access to your home that you wouldn’t want!


From the windows….to the wall

Whether it’s a real window, or Windows 10. When you’re not near them. Keep them locked! Close up them windows and lock your computer when you’re not there – otherwise people might find out that family recipe you make for the flat each week, is actually from Jamie Oliver…



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