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Better Staffs Forum | 7th May 2020

How does it work?

This is a chance to have your Big Ideas shared, discussed and for decision to be made on them! Your Union will then take those actions forward to help change the Union, University and even the world. If you want to suggest a 'Big Idea', you can add it to our Big Ideas tool, or just come along for the discussion.

Want to get involved? Contact studentvoice@staffs.ac.uk.


Your Big Ideas:

Twenty Five students gathered digitally to be able to discuss 3 major Big Ideas! This was the first online-only Better Staffs ever done, with great engagement both in the Microsoft Teams meeting and the stream on Facebook. This gave a chance for great diverse discussion - not just on your big ideas - but on a variety of student concerns including the current GP access under lockdown as well as the current academic regulations (want to learn more about them? Come and book onto the Regulations Q&A!)

Three Big Ideas were discussed:

Idea no. 1 - A Toilet twinning scheme; this is a scheme that's set up in various different places which you can read more about here. This opportunity would help families without access to toilets for a cost of just £60. There was some trouble over how this would work for the SU, as charities can't donate to other charities.

Idea no. 2 - Officer Visibility; there was a wide discussion based on an idea regarding how visible your Full-Time Officer Team are. There were several discussions on new ideas on what could be done to help increase Officer and Union visibility in not just Stoke-on-Trent but our Centres for Excellence too!

Idea no. 3 - A Parent Room; Finally, a student submitted a Big Idea to introduce a parent room on campus. This led to lively discussion of what's current in place for parents and what this room would exactly entail. There were also some concerns regarding safety and insurance, with students also introducing solutions to them.

After productive discussion on these ideas, the Officer Team then fielded some of your questions - on available mental health services, the academic regulations currently in place and much more. You can look out for Officer Updates here to learn more.

What's next?

Each idea was assigned actions to turn the Student Voice into tangible change:

  • Toilet Twinning: Your Officer Team are going to explore a 'matchfund' scheme for student groups to encourage them to raise money for the Toilet Twinning scheme
  • Toilet Twinning: Your Officer Team are going to approach the University regarding collaborating on a Toilet Twinning scheme for Campus
  • Officer Visibility: The Union are going to explore options of venue items being named after Officers and offering details e.g. smoothies, coffee orders, food items
  • Officer Visibility: The Union are going to explore for a potential new resource explaining Union services to students
  • Parent Spaces on Campus: The Union are going to support/lobby the University to install a parent student only space

Keep an eye out on our social media for further updates from the Officer Team, their progress with the above actions and the next date for a Better Staffs Forum - hopefully we'll see you there!


Have you got something to say about our Better Staffs Forum or the action the Students' Union will be taking?  Share your views with us by emailing studentvoice@staffs.ac.uk.

You can also have your say:


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