What is Get Ahead?

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What is Get Ahead?

Any questions, contact union@staffs.ac.uk.


What is the “Get Ahead” programme?

An opportunity for you to further develop your knowledge, learn new skills, gain new experiences ultimately ensure that you are ready for whatever life after COVID-19 brings – whether that’s the next stage of your studies or embarking on a new career.

The Students’ Union is hosting sessions you can participate in via Microsoft Teams from the 18th May to the 15th June.

Our aim is to help you develop interpersonal skills that will be valuable and transferrable in any workplace.


“I’m lacking self-confidence…”

Whether it’s public speaking or challenging someone you disagree with, interacting with people a crucial skill in any workplace whether it’s remote or in person.

Could these sessions build your confidence in these areas?


“I’m anxious about what’s going on with the world right now…”

Understandable. A lot has changed in a very short time period.

Could these sessions help you take charge and feel more in control of your situation?


“I’m looking for a bit more practical advice…”

You’re in luck. Our Student Advice Centre are free, non-judgemental, confidential and accessible remotely but they also run some fantastic sessions giving you practical tips you can use straight away.

Could our Advice Team help you out here?


“After reading all this, I’m actually kinda interest in what else the Union offers…”


Our fantastic Student Voice Team are hosting two session where you can learn more about the Students' Union and perhaps how you could get involved next year.

  • Representing Your Academic Interests | 3rd June, 2.30pm


What’s brilliant is that you can log attending any of these sessions in our online Volunteering Module. Why not take a look at it now?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can enhance your Competitive Edge at Staffs, check out how we’re #DevelopingYou and how your University Careers Team can help.


Have you got something to say about your personal development and skillset, particularly in relation to covid-19? Share your views with us by emailing union@staffs.ac.uk.

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