What is 'White Privilege?

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Elected Officer Connor Bayliss explores 'What is 'White Privilege' with an activity to help people identify the privileges some people gain from race. 

In solidarity and support to the #BlackLivesMatter Cause we have developed a video to help highlighted what 'White Privilege' is, and how this may present itself in society. This is to help people to learn more about race issues and to encourage conversations. If you'd like to further explore our resources, you can Learn, Act and Support. 

  • Learn - Find information about the issue, and to learn about the #BlackLivesMatter cause.

  • Act - Look at the different ways you can act, you can make a personal change or take wider action

  • Support - Find out where you can get support, or support a friend

If you're interested in some further reading, head to our Black Lives Matter Campaign Page

You can also have your say and share your resources.


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