Words on domestic violence

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Thanks for sharing this account Kerry. Remember whilst reading our #FemPowerment testimonials that you can access support at the University at anytime.

You hear domestic violence 
What image do you see? 
Broken bones, purple bruises?
Not here not me 
I see someone suddenly silent 
Never around, cancelling every night 

I see the nervous, broken shell
Every bang giving them a fright 
I see the one with no confidence 
Who thinks they are no good 
I see the one who apologises 
Whether or not they even should 
I see the person so distant 
Because its safer alone 
Yet no matter what they go through 

That person always goes home 
No broken bones no bruises 
An abuser wont let you see that 
Instead they start on your self worth 

Too ugly too dumb too fat 
It doesn't start with the violence 
The beatings or sexual assault 
But eventually more than likely 
That's where it goes, all your fault 
Imagine going through torture 
Then confiding what's happened to you

Imagine the pain and the anguish 
They tell you what would you do 
I tried that, telling my story, my pain 
What I heard will make your head whirl
See the response I got will astonish 
'Rape? It can’t be...she was a girl!' 
Now what this poem will show and tell 

I hope will open some eyes too 
Despite what the press may portray 
Woman can be abusers too!!! 
The stats of female abusers reported 
Is shocking, infuriating yet true 
But just cuz the law is ridiculous 
Whatever you say.....its rape too!!!
And while I'll never get closure 
Shell never be put on a list like a man 

It's a part of the woman I've become 
It can get better; get through the dark and it can
And while I wont say a victim forgets
Or gets over what they've been through
With health and support of the right ones
We find peace, we find acceptance and maybe love too!!! 


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