#WorldMentalHealthDay 2018 at Staffs

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Image of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Month branding - blue/green background with head shape crea

#WorldMentalHealthDay 2018: Highlights

Mental Health and Wellbeing Month branding by student graphic designer, Jakk Smith.

The University and Students' Union teamed up on #WorldMentalHealthDay to bring a selection of activities and sessions that would promote health wellbeing habits. We also aimed to raise awareness of the different services available and the message that it's okay not to be okay and of course, to ask for help.

Our student groups jumped at the chance to share this important message.

Some of them shared their experiences of mental health and how they overcame difficulties.

And some of them even raised money for mental health charities.

Well done to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Society for raising over £45 for the Mental Health Foundation.

If you're a fan of dogs, this was the day for you. We met 5 in total.

We also had a chilled CRAFternoon creating stress balls out of flour.

There were a lot of positive messages of support circulating which we're completely on board with.

There was a fantastic turnout for #RunAndTalk... healthy body, healthy mind.

Overall, we hope that students got things out of the day whether that was something to take their minds off stress for a period of time or knowledge about a service they can acess.

This October we're focusing on student mental health and wellbeing. Head to staffsunion.com/mhmonth for more information.


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