Your Union Wrapped

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This is your Union Wrapped 2019 (Aug - Dec).

Take a look at everything we've achieved together so far...
1 in 3 of you said you weren't sure how we represent your academic interests. Welcome to the end of 2019 (Aug - Dec). Your Union Wrapped.
Over 400 student reps representing the academic interests of students across the whole University.
You've had your say over 4,380 times over a variety of surveys, polls and more.
Wins you've loved the most. The Union advice team has saved, supported and gained over £100,000 in funding for students. GreenPad has housed over 500 students in safe, accredited accommodation. 1261 of you have joined student-ran clubs and societies. 67 students have benefited from the Union FoodHub emergency food service. Elected Officers have ensured your views are represented on parking, mini-buses and more! Our #GiveItAGo programme was massive, with 117 student-led events from our fantastic networks, student groups and clubs - most of which were completely free!
Your Game Changers changed with student needs.
Your Officer Team. Connor Bayliss, Geeta Lal, Anaida Fernando and Scott William Smith.
Your venues. All of our events have been in a Best Bar None 'Gold Standard Venue' in a Union with Green Impact Excellence. We've used the save a tree discount 6,500 times - saving all these cups from landfill. Gobble Wednesdays and Flashback Fridays have been a huge hit, with 2500 of you unwinding at either club night. It's fair to say that you've enjoyed our fairs, with 6637 joining us for Welcome, Vintage and Student Group and Christmas Fairs. Our weekly karaoke, quiz and monthly Live Lounge events have seen over 1850 students relaxing, singing and testing their general knowledge.
Your student staff. All of this has been achieved with the help of 200+ student staff - providing an awesome service to all their peers and friends in Squeezebox, Shops, Ember Lounge, LRV, Verve, GreenPad and creating fantastic designs (including this one), videos and more!
Thanks for making it a term to remember! 2019


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