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Meet the students who want to #LeadStaffs

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Your vote in this year's Leadership Race is more important than ever.

Hundreds of Staffordshire University students have put themselves forward to run societies, represent academic departments and lead your Students' Union.

You'll decide who will #LeadStaffs back from what has been a difficult year for our university community.


Voting is open from 10 am on Monday the 26th of April until 11:59 pm on Wednesday the 28th of April.


Find the candidates standing to be elected to your full-time Officer Team this year below or ask them a question.


Amanda Payne | A catalyst for change

Social Welfare Law, Policy and Advice Practice student

  • Manifesto headlines: Teamwork makes the Dream Work, Better Communication, Mental Health Support, Safety for Students, Rep training and support, Teach Outs

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Amber Kirkland | Inclusivity is for everyone


Applied Research Masters student

  • Manifesto headlines: Sexual health education, inclusive lectures for transgender and non-binary students, staff training.

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Anthony Hadley | Level up your student experience


PhD Student 

  • Manifesto headlines: Solving the problems of communication, funding, and respect.

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Anthony Wallace | #YourChoiceYourVoice

Current full-time officer

  • Manifesto headlines: Creativity sells, Mental health lounges, Improved sports relations, Improved sustainability.

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Cameron Morton | #LightsCameronAction

Forensic Science student

  • Manifesto headlines: LGBTQ+ inclusion, Campus safety, Trans+ education, Period equality.

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Choto | Nobody does it like Choto

Events Management student

  • Manifesto headlines: Mental health awareness in student groups, Sports club support, Motivational text service, Health, safety & security on campus.

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Connor Brady | It's Time For Change


Business Management student

  • Manifesto headlines: Flood protections, Long-term parking solutions, Ban zero-hours contracts & pay a living wage, Free laundry service for students on campus, Increased renewable energy use, Proper representation for students from Stafford, Shrewsbury & London, Tuition fee refunds.

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Emma Peake | Let Me Help You

Law student

  • Manifesto headlines: More understanding of student services, Accommodation and finance hardship, Support for university workloads.

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Hannah Blackburn | Bringing Staffs Back


Forensic Science Masters student

  • Manifesto headlines: Clubs, socs & sports teams, Body & mind, Your money, your say, Keeping you safe, Creating opportunities, The inclusion agenda, The road away from covid, Sustainable Staffs.

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Cyber Security student

  • Manifesto headlines: Physical and mental health, Representation and Value for money, Safety and opportunities, Sustainability.

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Henry Ellerington

Business Management student

I'm running to be one of your elected Officer Team for the 2021-2022 academic year! #LeadStaffs

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Huw Weaver | Huw Do You Deserve?


3D Computer Games Design student

  • Manifesto headlines: Student experience, Student group support, Enhanced digital & physical environments.

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Kyle Ashbee | Kyle Will Go The Mile

Computer Science student

  • Manifesto headlines: Accessibility, Covid-19, Finance, Student support, Students' Union, Communication.

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Oskar Grainger | Opening A Better Campus

Cyber Security student

  • Manifesto headlines: Better nights out and improved live events, Improving the laundry situation, 24/7 Campus facilities, Increased charity fundraising, Improving event diversity on campus.

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Rob Craddock | Vote for Trebor, he's mint!


Psychology & Counselling student

  • Manifesto headlines: Earlier timetables, Lobby NUS/Government around unused accommodation, Student events programme, Overhaul Learner Support Agreements.

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Rob Edge

Operating Department Practice student

  • Manifesto headlines: Improve the resilience and wellbeing of students, Fight for improvements at BHL & Shrewsbury campuses, Listen, Increase events and activities across university sites.

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Scott Tizzard | #BringMagicToYourUnion


Forensic Psychology student

  • Manifesto headlines: Better communication of resources, Lecturers pushed to check up on students, Mental health experts to go around campus and talk to students, Open mic performances, Support service to help keep people at uni safe.

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Yolanda Mcbride | #mcbrideonyourside


Forensic Science Masters student

  • Manifesto headlines: Communication, Safety, Sexual Health, Student Voice, Student Support, Sustainability.

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