Len's Progress Updates (September)

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Len's September Updates

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A photograph of Len (full-time officer) with a shocked expression, gesturing at green text beside hi04/09 - Last week, I was working on the Engagement Deal, getting ready for Welcome, and collaboratively working with the university on the Report and Support system. I had a great bank holiday! Then, this week I met with an external company to see if there is more we can be doing to help with student mental health, the Officer Team formed part of the interview process for the new Director of Learning and Teaching, and I met with Stoke Sixth Form College around the Leadership Academy to see if there is any shared learning that can take place.

11/09 - After taking a few days of annual leave last week, I'm back in the office today, eager and ready for Welcome to begin! I have submitted my first draft of the Student Engagement Deal to the university, which is something I have been working hard on for a couple of months now, and I am really excited to try and get it progressed!

18/09 - The run-up to Welcome is a super busy time! As well as polishing up the finishing touches to our Welcome programme, I've also been in a stream of external meetings this week, and I helped to train our new Union Team Members (student staff)!

25/09 - This week, I've been committed to adding the final touches to my Leadership Academy project - it's really coming together and looking great, so watch this space! I've mostly just been getting ready for Welcome, as well as attending my regular meetings with the University. I also helped with the training of the Rep Council and have been doing some work around some student issues in JSS.

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