Our Impacts on the Environment

Our committment to being a Sustainable Union

means that our work has lots of positive environmental benefits, as well as having positive outcomes for students and the local community. We strive to ensure that sustainability is embedded accross all areas of our work and are committed to educating students and campaigning on sustainable issues, which is demonstrated through our Sustainablity, Environmental and Ethics Policy.

Being responsible for our actions is at the heart of our sustainability work and indeed as a core Union value: we recognise the responsibilities we have as an organisation towards our members, our staff, the University and the wider communities we are part of. We ensure we understand the impact of our actions and actively seek ways of eliminating or mitigating any negative impacts or consequences.

To help us recognise our impacts, monitor and mitigate the negative environmental impacts that our operations have, we can refer to our Environmental Impacts Register. It is important that students know and understand the impacts of our work, if you have any questions feel free to ask.


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