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Here at Staffs, environmental sustainability is a huge priority of ours and we urge you to consider being sustainable wherever you can.


Being sustainable doesn’t just benefit the planet but it can also benefit your health. Like choosing the stairs over the lift doesn’t just reduce the energy consumption, but also tones the back of your legs. Or portioning out the weeks meals from one cook not only saves you money from otherwise buying takeaways, but it also reduces the waste from the packaging used. Or even taking a slightly shorter shower in the morning will reduce the water consumption from your house, and you could be a few minutes early to your lecture! The benefits are endless.

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Get Invovled If this is a passion of yours like mine, or you just want to get outside and meet new people you can get involved in lots of activities throughout the year.

And find out about our Sustainability, Environment and Ethics Policy

Can You Go A Month Without Plastic?

More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year. Half of it comes from disposable plastics that are only used once before being thrown away.

The Great Plastic Pick Up

We're getting involved with the nations biggest litter pick!

Be a Green Heart Champion ??
The Climate Coalition


The Great Donate 2018

Be part of something big, volunteer with the Great Donate 2018

Eco Ember Refurb

The new look Ember Lounge doesn't just look great, it has some environmental credentials to match

Go Green Week Recap
Go Green Week Recap

A recap of what happened during our Go Green Week campaign this year

We're Switched On To Turning Off - Resource Report
Watts Happening

The 2017/18 utility update is here - and it's more good news!

Reducing our Carbon Emissions With Enterprise
Emission Impossible

With help from Enterprise we've made nearly 3000 miles of driving in to an eco-dream.

The Winners of our 'Snap for Cash' Competition!
Snap 4 Cash

Our lucky winners bagged themsleves £20 cash after entering our competition.

Our Recycling Update
Trash Talk

We're not rubbish at recycling...

Our Survey Says...
Had your say?

Over 90% of students want action on single use plastic.

SSS 2018 - Your chance to win £200
SSS2018 Win £200 of Vouchers

Complete the SSS2018 and enter the competition to win £200 of supermarket vouchers

£20 for a photo? Keep reading to find out more...

You said, we’ve done. Over the last few years we’ve heard from lots of you about how difficult it is to recycle your rubbish in Uni halls and that sounds like a real Pane in the Glass!

Go Green Week 2018

Get involved with #GoGreenWeek. Take a look at what's on.

Sustainable Union: Green Conversations in London
NUS HQ, London

Vice President Sam Pillow travelled to London last week for his quarterly Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board meeting at NUS headquarters. There the group spent the time planning a better involvement with parliament, upcoming sustainability campaigns for national universities to adopt, and a big ask for lecturers.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 - Come on in
Fairtrade Fortnight

From the 26th February to March 11th the Fairtrade Foundation are celebrating ethical trade - Come on in

Sustainable Union: Litter Pick
Litter Pick team photo

With the help of student volunteers, we picked up litter around the nature reserve. Read on to find out how we got on.

Have a Very Eco Christmas

We Ho-Ho-Hope you have yourself a very merry-environmentally-friendly Christmas. Take a look at these top tips to enjoy yourself without sacrificing the environment too!


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