Why is the Leadership Race Important?

Okay, so we're all suddenly talking about elections... But why? What's the point? Let us spill the tea...

Why is the leadership race important

Okay, so we're all suddenly talking about elections... But why? What's the big deal?

The Leadership Race is our annual election, where you get to elect students to represent your student group, subject, or just you as a student body! The elections have a range of posts, spanning every course, student group and campus (you can find out more about the roles here), and every current student is eligible to vote, so long as they've shared their data with us.

It's important that you, as a Staffs student, are voting (or even running!) in the Leadership Race, as this ensures that you get a say in the students that are elected to represent you. For Subject Rep, this might be your current course rep, who used your feedback to make real change on your course. For student group committees, this may be the person who you know makes hilarious memes for the Discord and would ace the Comms Officer role. For Full-Time Officer, this may be the candidate whose manifesto proposes solutions to issues that affect you daily.

It's easy to complain about things that you'd like to see changed - both on and off campus - but if you're not voting in the elections that can make a difference, you're missing the opportunity to make this change happen!

And if you're concerned that none of the candidates will represent your interests, why not run yourself? You can nominate yourself from the 1st to 31st of March 2024!


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