The Leadership Race | Elections at Your Union

The Leadership Race is the annual election where students vote for who will represent them for the next academic year as Officers, Department Reps and Student Group Committees. But! The Leadership Race isn't the only election we run; read on to learn more about more opportunities to elect your peers to #LeadTheChange.

What are Staffs Union Elections like?

Your Union has a history of friendly, competitive and creative election campaigns run by enhtusiastic candidates, which we think is due to all elections running to four key principles: FairSafeLegal, and Positive

There are, of course, Election Rules which are published at the start of each academic year and - to make sure our elections are impartial - the NUS acts as our Returning Officer (the person with ultimate responsibility for ensuring elections are run properly).

Who are your new Representatives? By-election Results Oct 2020
who did you choose? By election results oct 2020, department representatives for biology, business,

Find out who's been elected as your student leaders for the year ahead.

Could You Be a Community Rep?

If you're a London, Stafford or Shrewsbury student who wants to build your community, we have an opportunity for you...

How you can vote to #LeadtheChange
I wanted to see students like me in leadership

How your simple online vote can make a big difference

Why you should stand in the Leadership Race
Leadership Race Logo

Not sure if getting paid to represent your peers is for you? Read about all the things you can gain as an Elected Officer


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