Winter Elections: The Race is On!

Every year every student has the opportunity to stand and/or vote to elect leaders to represent your Union at home and on a national level. This November you will be voting for:

+ Key Dates

1st-15th of November | Nomination to stand

15th-18th of November | Vote Online

Before carrying on, you may want to check you can participate: Check you can vote » and read about:

Read our article on what a National Union of Students Delegate is (and why it matters) by clicking here!


+ What are Students' Union elections like?

Your Students' Union has a history of friendly, competitive, and creative election campaigns run by enthusiastic candidates.

All of our elections run on four key principles, that campaigning must be Fair, Safe, Legal, and Positive.

If you choose to stand, you will be given support from the Students' Union to produce an amazing election campaign.

+ How can I be part of it?

Be a candidate

Nominations are open on Monday the 1st of November until the 14th of November.

You can nominate yourself to stand for the available roles below!


Campaign for someone

Step 1: Choose a candidate whose ideas you like or who best represents your views.

Step 2: Share their manifesto and campaign materials with your friends who can vote.

Step 3: Don't forget to vote for them between the 18th - 20th of April at

Step 4: Tell people who you've voted for and why.

Step 5: After the results, drop your favourite candidate/s a message to say well done for their hard work campaigning.


If you have any questions about the current election, get in touch at