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We'll be back for the Leadereship Race By-Election in this autumn!

The Leadership Race is our annual springtime election. This is your opportunity to elect student group leaders, subject representatives and full-time Officers for the upcoming academic year.

Check the news articles for Student Group Committee results, or for candidates who were elected unopposed!

Leadership Race News

Leadership Race - Elected Unopposed

With voting for contested posts opening in less than 24 hours, these candidates have been elected unopposed...

Why is the Leadership Race Important?
Why is the leadership race important

Okay, so we're all suddenly talking about elections... But why? What's the point? Let us spill the tea...

Can I Vote in the Leadership Race?

Are you eligible to vote - or run! - in the Leadership Race elections? Find out here!

Leadership Race: Should I Run?

Are you Umm-ing and Ahh-ing about whether to nominate yourself in our Leadership Race? Try our helpful quiz!

What Roles are Elected in the Leadership Race?

Nominations for the Leadership Race are open! But what do each of the posts actually mean?




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I vote?

Before carrying on, you may want to check you can participate in this election. Click here for a video guide.

Step 1 - To begin voting, click the Vote Now button above and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 2 - Click the start voting button to begin casting your vote.

Step 3 - Take a moment to read the candidates' manifestos, then rank them in order of preference, first to last. Rank as many candidates as you can: if you only vote for one candidate and they aren't elected, your vote will be wasted.

Step 4 - Once you're happy with your selections, click Cast Vote and then Confirm. You will be unable to change your vote once cast.

What do these different roles involve?

To help you decide whether our leadership roles are for you, we've prepared a range of Role Descriptions. These documents are a snapshot of what these roles might look and feel like everyday but remember, we're a flexible organisation, and you'll likely find that you'll be involved in lots more too!

Elected Officer (Employed Role) Download the Role Description Subject Representative (Voluntary Role) Download the Role Description PGR Representative (Voluntary Role) Download the Role Description Network Leader (Voluntary Role) Download the Role Description Committee Leader (Voluntary Role) Download the Role Description
What are Students' Union elections like?

Your Students' Union has a history of friendly, competitive, and creative election campaigns run by enthusiastic candidates.

All of our elections run on four key principles, that campaigning must be Fair, Safe, Legal, and Positive.

If you choose to stand, you will be given support from the Students' Union to produce an amazing election campaign.

Contact Us

If you have any questions relating to our Leadership Race, want more information or wish to give some feedback (or just having one of those days), please contact your Student Voice Team.

Call: 01782 294629

Email: studentvoice@staffs.ac.uk

Drop in to the Students' Union Offices above Ember Lounge