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Chocolate Truffle Making
7th December 11am - 3pm
Press Centre Reception, Here East
Christmas Craft Making
7th December noon - 2pm
Reload Cafe - London Campus
Myth Society - Dungeon Legends
7th December 6pm - 10pm
L216 and On Discord
Myth Societies Weekly DND Adventure League!
Taster Sessions | Activities & Games | Give it a Go | Online
Myth Society - MTG Students V Lecturers CHARITY EVENT
8th December 1pm - 4pm
Digital Kiln Room
Students compete against Lecturers, Livestreamed Christmas Charity Bonanza! Raising Money with Coliseum Cards to support Charity, Special Effects!
Activities & Games | Give it a Go | Christmas | Online | livestream
Myth Society - Board Games ON CAMPUS!
8th December 6pm - 10pm
Myth Societies Weekly Boardgames Event - ON CAMPUS EDITION
Taster Sessions | Activities & Games | Give it a Go | Online


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