Every University around the country has a Students' Union there to represent the academic interests of their students

Use the flipbook below to read through our guide to your Students' Union.

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Who runs the Students' Union?


Every year you elect 4 students, just like you, through the annual Leadership Race to lead the Students' Union. They deliver the game-changers, influencing your University experience on a daily basis and in the longer term too.

The Officers are supported by a team of core staff, student staff members, and volunteers working hard in our venues and shops, supporting students through our advice team and helping you to get involved and make the most of your time at Staffs.


How can I become a member of the Students' Union?

Great news: As a student at Staffordshire University, you're already automatically a member from the moment you enroll.


Our Values

  • Putting students first

  • Being inclusive

  • Enabling

  • Harnessing creativity

  • Being friendly and responsible


Any questions?

E | theunion@staffs.ac.uk

Tel | 01782 294687

We proudly represent the academic interests of all Students at Staffordshire University. Providing advice, student groups and fantastic experiences that make us all very Proud to be Staffs.