10 Ways to be More Sustainable this Christmas

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This Christmas why not try something new? Are you looking for easy simple ways to be more sustainable this Christmas?

Here are 10 things you can do!

1. Use old cards as Christmas gift tags, they’re unusual gift tags extinguishing yours from the rest while also being sustainable by reusing materials otherwise wasted. This christmas make your gifts stand out from the crowd!

2. Use washi tape instead of Sellotape, as Sellotape is made of a substance that isn’t recyclable instantly making your wrapping paper, unable to be recycled. Washi tape however is made from renewable sources and is biodegradable, it also comes in many different colours and styles, instantly lighting up your presents.

3. Re-use your newspaper, if you buy a newspaper why not wrap your presents up in newspaper? It’s elongating its life cycle and helping to fight the extra 30% of recycled materials usually drummed up this time of year. Stand out from the crowd using different articles and styles.

4. Use nature, why not use leaves and berries to spruce up your wrapping paper, foilage not only looks beautiful against brown paper, but can smell lovely too. The simplest leaf can take something from boring to lovely.

5. Get creative! Why not try using stamps to brighten up your brown paper, make patterns, colour them in you'd be surprised how something so simple can look so beautiful.

6.Use Calligraphy just using a simple pen you can make beautiful designs on brown paper, instantly drwaing the eye to your present. Like the clever Sophi Durand from Prject Earth Society did here...

7. Twine is so versatile especially if it's teamed up with buttons, you can find so many different coloured twine at this time of year, a coloured twine can take brown paper up to the next level.

8. You could add wooden embellishments Sainsbury's currently have some really pretty ones online and in store.

9. If you are musically inclined you might have old music sheets hanging around, if so this could be your chance to re-use them! Music paper cutouts make a startingly good decoration on brown paper backing.

10. If you are photographically inclined or, just good at google you could use photographs to make each present stand out, with either photos of the people, place and things they've been to and love. It's an extra present in itself letting them keep the photographs a skeepsakes.

Finally just get creative, the sky is the limit there's so many different ways you can wrap sustainably this christmas these are just a few.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading. Find out more about the Project Earth Society and about our #SustainableUnion project.


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