A plea to GreenPad Landlords

GreenPad Accommodation: Formal Letter to our GreenPad Landlords


We'd first like to say a huge thank you to the landlords who have already replied, offering their willingness to reduce the rent rates for students in third term. These landlords are sharing the financial burden with students and making us all very #ProudToBeStaffs. From the tenants and Students' Union, thank you...

  • Claire Bainbridge 
  • Amanda Turner
  • Adrian Lowe
  • Gill Barnes
  • Alan Miles

All reducing the rents on their properties.


"During this time, we have spoken with a lot of students about their off-campus living situation. On the back of a joined up approach with the University and Keele to reach out to all private landlords, and a letter to our local MP, we have worked with our GreenPad team to contact all the landlords that we have been working with this year and asked for them to support their tenants and students during this time.

In this email we reinforced the University position, and reached out to the good will of landlords, to offer support that they were able to during this time. As an Officer Team we're pleased to share the news that five landlords replied very quickly offering to lower rents, and support students as they could, and we'd like to thank them whilst encouraging others to follow their fantastic lead."

Scott, Connor, Geeta & Anaida (Elected Officer Team)