Landlords answering our accommodation plea

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We’re really pleased as an Officer Team to let you know, that not only are GreenPad still in conversation with landlords about how they can support students, that even more fantastic landlords have agreed to support their tenants with rent reductions.

Thank you

  • Claire Bainbridge               
  • Alan Miles 
  • Adrian Lowe 
  • Gill Barnes                        
  • Amanda Turner                      
  • Ben Vickers                                                               
  • Teri Barnett                       
  • Justine Saunders
  • Michelle Hart  

For supporting our students and making us Proud to be Staffs 

Whilst we recognise that not everyone is in a position to reduce rents, we do appreciate the open conversations that landlords have had with our GreenPad Team – so thank you to everyone who has responded.

If you’re not with GreenPad, you can still lobby your landlord using a template put together by our Advice Team. We have already emailed all private housing landlords and wrote to Jo Gideon (Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central constituency), and will be sending letters to all MPs where are students rent.

Stay safe, and please stay in touch with us.

Connor, Anaida, Geeta and Scott

Elected Officer Team


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