Len's Progress Updates (March)

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A photograph of Len (full-time officer) with a shocked expression, gesturing at green text beside hi04/03 -  Last week, I had a few meetings, mainly looking at inclusion needs. Inclusion Framework is moving forward which will look at how you are taught, as well as the APP which is how students get into university and how they suceed whilst theyre here!

11/03 - Last week, I had a number of meetings in addition to helping with student issues. All officers were invovled in a meeting revolving around the teaching methodologies that the university will use moving forward!

18/03 - Last week, I attended the Diversity Week "It's OK to Ask" event and several meetings around access and participation, including a presentation from TASO. Since Sunday, I have been attending and supporting our teams at Varsity! I hope to see you all in LRV on Wednesday!

25/03 - Last week, I started by supporting varsity against Keele. I formed part of the appointment committee for new lay trustees for the Union. I had two university Governors' meetings that were looking at the new student village and and a union trustee board. On Saturday, I attended an offer holder day and interacted with a number of potential new students and chaired a student panel.

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