Your 23/24 Officer Team!

Here's who will #LeadStaffs next year...

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Congratulations to those students elected as your Full Time Officer Team 2023/24!

1506 students made their choice, and your student leaders have been selected. Following a turnout 22% higher than last year, Faran Sabir, Len Stuart, Olayemi Ajiteru and Joseph Knight will be representing over 18,000 Staffordshire University students next year. After receiving the highest mandate, Olayemi has been offered - and accepted - the position of President.

Commiserations to all of our other candidates, but thank you for your efforts during your campaigns. Hopefully you will all be able to take some time to relax and reflect on what is always an extraordinary experience around any upcoming deadlines or exams - we look forward to seeing you continue to make an impact soon!

Results announcement image

You can watch the livestream of the Results Show, delivered by the excellent StaffsTV, on their YouTube channel.

What about Student Groups, Networks & Dept Reps??

You can find the full results for all of our other elected positions - Department, PGR and Site Reps, and Network and Student Group committees - below. All of our voluntary student leaders across these roles to vital work in providing amazing opportunities and experiences for so many students - so thank you and well done!

Academic Representatives

Department Representatives 2023/24
Biology Muhammad Ali M. Z.
Business Muhammad Fakhar Saeed
Computing Harshita Dandu
Institute of Education Rhiannon Rigby
Engineering James Brayford
Esports Charlotte Willmott
Games Development Holly Cadman
Law Amy Jones
Media, Performance & Communication Chloe Hunt
Midwifery & Allied Health Professions Hayden Emmett-Bird
Psychology Lyra-Rose Piper
Society, Crime & Environment Lillith Tolley
Sports & Exercise Aimee Woosnam
Postgraduate Research Representatives 2023/24
Full-Time PGRs Kirsty Jones
Digital, Technology & Arts Lillith Tolley
Health, Science & Wellbeing Joh Turner-Pearson
Site Representatives 2023/24
London Tarjei Torvik

Student Group Committee Members

Student Group Manager Finance Officer Communications Officer Wellbeing & Inclusion Officer
African Caribbean Society McCarthy Rogers     Rachael Linton
Amateur Dramatics Society Evie Brown Enola Morgan Jack Blunt  
Anime & Manga Society Corey Carter Zoey Cronin   Harriet Rogers
Believers Loveworld Campus Ministry Adama Imam      
Cheerleading Club Laura Potts Krista-Rose Mccartney Megan Walby Chloe Hunt
Chess Club Adam Shaw   Alexandru Mihaica Becky Concannon
Christian Union Joel Rhodes Rhoda Plange   Nick Duthie
Cosplay & Convention Society Jaz Hoyle Emily Coakley Evin Oxley  
Cosy Club Eleni Hardman Maddie Donoghue Amy Wall Taran Taylor
Cue Sports Brad Price Jack Burgess John Stack Anthony Sutherland
Dance Club Issy Fry & Jennifer Rowley Rosie Landon    
Darts Club Jacob Boyle   Luke Roberts Matt Hatherall
Digital Art Society Michael Jones   Cristian Cuciuc  
Disabled Students' Network Alice Russell      
Disney Society Rachel O'Connell   Beth Neill  
Engineering Society Rachel Kirkham Chris Mead    
Equestrian Club   Harriet Birch    
Femboy Society Jono Salzwedel      
Folklore Society Joshua Wightman Douglas Leigh Holly Cadman  
Freemasons Society   William Taylor    
Game Development Society Owen Burley Ruby Dodd   Shaun Broderick
Guild of Assassins Jonathan Stock Morgan Harris    
Idol Society   Mia Gale Rhianne Horne Alina Brown
Knit & Natter Society     Alicia Walton  
LGBTQ+ Network Daniil Chapman   Artie Dean  
Life Drawing Society Ciaran Smith Eve Callaghan Emma Leckey Esther Prjanikov
Mountaineering Club Ellie Ratcliffe Bonita Woralert Molly Holmes  
Myth Society Quetz Davies Jack Dawson Michal Pac Scott Gentry
Pokemon Society Richard Stevens   Samantha Smith Ben Ward
Project Earth Society Shaun Saunders     Ryan E
Psychology Society Marta Osuchowska Gemma Cope Abi Denny Lyra-Rose Piper
Race & Cultural Inclusion Network Eddie Bammeke      
Re-enactment Society Alfie Smith   Erin Fergus Cameron Burchnall-York
Rock, Alternative & Metal Society Jae Ababio Brandon Millett Henry Plumb Connor Jones
Snowsports Club Buster Jupp   Alex Paterson  
Staffs Smash Oliver Drakeford Thash Gajendran George Rooney  
The Coven Lillith Tolley Alex Pointon Nicky Beard Lilith Drizzle
Top Deck Tarjei Torvik Callum Clark    
Yu-Gi-Oh! Society Adam Black Neo Reilly Miles Gardner Ellis Roberts Abbott

Other Roles

Esports, NSE & NUEL Representative Charlotte Willmott



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