Disabled Students' Network

About the network

We are a student-led representative network operated under the Students' Union, intended to provide advice/support for students with disability/accessibility difficulties during their studies, and provide an inclusive safespace that helps others develop a sense of belonging at Staffs, and give them opportunities to make new friends; by organising socials, meetings, and (on occasion) fundraisers for various charities.

We strive to form a more inclusive experience for students, especially for those with disabilities and/or mental health difficulties, by listening to your feedback and concerns regarding accessibility and/or support, and ensuring the right people acquire this feedback to act on it. We are also a community who enjoy the company of others who like us wish to be treated fairly and equally, through joining our student group(s) you will not only be given a voice, but also an opportunity to make friends.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact the network via social media/email!

About the committee

Network Manager - Nick Heywood

Hello, I have been involved with the network for multiple years during my time at Staffs, I care about helping people, especially people with disabilities or learning difficulties; since I attended a special needs high school in my teens, and also have a disability myself. As Manager, I aim to provide an inclusive environment for current students and staff, by providing a safe space, and introducing students to staff that can help them with their academic queries during their studies.

I hope you are well, and that you enjoy your time at Staffs!

Communications Officer - Amy Smith

Hi there, helping people with disabilities/accessibility difficulties has been important to me for quite a while now, prior to starting university, I worked and studied around health, including being a supervisor at a special needs school, and a carer; which has continued into my uni years. Supporting people with disabilities/accessibility difficulties is important to me, as I feel that having the right support in place is the key to an individual's success, and I am fully aware that not everyone knows who to go to or where to turn for help. As Communications Officer of the network, I hope to help and support students in their time of need and promote positivity. 

I look forward to meeting you all and I hope everyone has a great year ahead :) 

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