The Students' Representative Council (Rep Council to its friends) is responsible for guiding the Students' Union and ensuring it represents your interests in everything it does.

About Rep Council

Rep Council is the Students' Union's primary legislative body. It is composed of elected student representatives, and is responsible for making policy decisions and monitoring and directing their execution - think of it like the Students' Union parliament. Alongside its central role in the Students' Union's representative decision-making and governance, Rep Council is also responsible for providing oversight and accountability for the Union at large. It receives, reviews and approves reports on the progress of other Union bodies, including the Officer Team and Trustee Board, to ensure the Union is fulfilling its mission, that students are adequately represented, delegated actions are being carried out appropriately, and that elected representatives are carrying out their mandates.

More detailed information on the precise membership and duties of the council can be found in our constitution and byelaws.


The membership of Rep Council is made up of three main groups, who between them ensure the council has the broadest possible representative coverage: Department, Site and Graduate School Representatives represent the academic interests of students in each department across the university, Network Managers provide a voice for minority demographics, and the Full-Time Officer Team represent students at large. All three groups have speaking rights, but Officers are not granted a vote.

These three groups of members are supported by the Chair, who directs the flow of the meeting, and members of the Voice Team. The Chair and supporting staff do not have a vote or participate in discussion, though supporting staff may provide context and inform discussion at the Chair's discretion.

Rep Council welcomes observers, who may not vote but can speak at the Chair's discretion. Anyone wishing to observe a council meeting should e-mail the Voice Team to request an invitation.


Its relatively small membership means Rep Council is able to make most of its decisions by consensus. If the Chair feels that the council is unlikely to reach consensus in a timely manner, or if the constituion or byelaws require a matter to be put to one, they will call a vote. Votes will typically be cast by way of a voice vote or show of hands and recorded as passed or failed, unless this is specifically requested or required.

Rep Council Meetings for 2022 - 2023

The Representative Council ordinarily meets once a semester, for a total of three times a year. These meetings cover several standard points: a review of previous actions, updates from the Officer Team and Trustee Board, and receiving the recommendations from any Better Staffs and Better London forums that have taken place since the last meeting. The remainder of the session is then dedicated to discussion of other items submitted to the agenda.

Rep Council, Semester 1 23rd November 2022 Agenda · Officer Update · Officer Update (Choto) · News Article
Rep Council, Semester 2 25th January 2023 Agenda · Officer Update · Officer Update (Choto) · News Article
Rep Council, Semester 3 22nd March 2023 Agenda · Officer Update · Trustee Board Update · News Article

Previous Academic Years

Records from previous meetings can be found below. Please note that documentation from previous years may not be fully available.


2021 - 2022

Rep Council, Semester 1 15th February 2022 Agenda · Trustee Board Update · News Article
Rep Council, Semester 2 8th April 2022 Agenda · News Article
Rep Council, Semester 3 26th May 2022 Agenda

2020 - 2021

Rep Council, Semester 1 13th November 2020 Agenda · News Article
Extraordinary Union Council 21st January 2021 A meeting held to discuss emergency regulations.
Rep Council, Semester 2 24th February 2021 Minutes · News Article
Rep Council, Semester 3 28th May 2021 Agenda

2019 - 2020

Student Rep Council 5th November 2019 Event · Agenda · Slides · Minutes · News Article
Student Rep Council 21st February 2020 Agenda · Slides
Student Rep Council 30th April 2020 Officer Update · Minutes · News Article

2018 - 2019

17th October 2018 15th November 2018 7th February 2019 30th April 2019 7th June 2019
  Event Event Event · Agenda Event · Agenda


As the Students' Union's primary legislative body, Rep Council has the power to delegate actions to elected representatives - this is usually the Officers, but can also be other council members - and to request action from Students' Union staff. A record of actions for the current academic year can be viewed below; records for previous years may be available on request.

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