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What is the Multi-Cultural Network?

Multi-Cultural Network is part of the networks of the Staffordshire University Students Union to promote equality and diversity.

Regular social meetings and various events will help to grow a close student community and build links to the local communities.

We can also provide social and academic advice to improve the students' quality of life. 

The aim of the Multi-Cultural Network is to help Staffordshire University students from any background to overcome problems that prevent them from being a full member of the student community and enjoying the social, academic and environmental aspects of student life.

To achieve this goal the Multi-Cultural Network would like to improve the quality of student life for all students by:

1.       Supporting different multi-cultural student communities to improve their perception of studying.

2.       Helping students to gain confidence and improving their self-esteem to reducing future


3.       Supporting the students' study skills by working closely with the Study Skills Team and local

          businesses to ensure equal opportunity. 

4.       Promoting different community links.


The Multi-Cultural Network is a fantastic chance for any student to meet other students and get to know the variety of communities in and around our university. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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