Faran's Progress Updates (February)

Want to explore some of Faran's past progress updates? Here, you'll find a short profile of what he's been up to over February!

A photograph of Faran Sabir (full-time officer) shrugging and smiling in front of green text that re

This regularly updated page will help you track what Faran has been up to throughout February 2024...

A photograph of Faran Sabir (full-time officer) shrugging and smiling in front of green text that re05/02 - Last week I was engaged in impactful discussions and collaborations, including a catch-up with international students, contributing insights to the Academic Board, attending Fitness to Practice panel and Games Development issues. Valuable one-on-one time with Steve - our Marketing Manager - to get help completing my manifesto, while contributing to the approval process for the Digital Forensic Technician Apprenticeship Course demonstrated our dedication to academic excellence.

12/02 - Last week, I was involved in the Re-Welcome Fair. I explored Horizon Fund updates, timetabling and shared learning spaces, whilst also attending the International Student Working Group, Digital Transformation Board, EDI Working Group, and catch-ups with the Beacon Team and some international students.

26/02 - This week, I attended a meeting with the Head of the Computing Department, contributing insights into departmental concerns, engaged with the Internationalisation Group and had productive catch-ups with academic staff and students. Looking towards the positive outcomes ahead!

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