Faran's Progress Updates (January)

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A photograph of Faran Sabir (full-time officer) shrugging and smiling in front of green text that re10/01 - Happy New Year - hope you had a fantastic Christmas break! Before the holidays, I participated in meetings like the Research Innovation Enterprise Committee, Digital Transformation Board, Prevent Meeting, EDI Events planning, and a disciplinary hearing. Thank you for all of your responses on Student Voice Module Feedback. Now, with the new semester underway, let's leverage the insights gained for a successful year ahead!

15/01 - Last week, I contributed to sustainability discussions, addressed student withdrawal concerns in a meeting with the Director of Learning and Teaching, participated in LGBTQ+ allyship training, and wrapped up with planning Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) events.

22/01 - Last week, I participated in a variety of key university meetings, including the Digital Transformation Board, International Student Pedagogy Project, International Student Working Group, and the Progression Fair.

29/01 - Last week's highlights included active participation in the DTA School Academic Committee, Rep Council, Trustee Board, and valuable catch-up with Exec Director SaaS. Engagements spanned casual discussions on the Horizon Fund, contributing to a Fitness to Practice Panel, and collaborating with the Placement Team for advertising drop-ins.

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