Student to student support and activities

A list of student to student support available at Staffs

Student-to-student Support & Activities | Black Lives Matter


BAME Student Network

The BAME Students Network is for all students who are Black, Asian, Minority/Ethnic, to ensure that their needs are heard and they are represented.



Multi-Cultural Student Network

The Multi-Cultural Network is part of the networks of the Staffordshire University Students Union to promote equality and diversity.



More of our Representative Networks

These are groups specifically designed to help represent students of various backgrounds and identities. In these Networks, you can help gather together to work on some Game Changers around Staffs as well as raise awareness on important issues, meeting like-minded people! 

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Clubs & Societies

Afro-Carribbean Society (ACS)

Our aim is to create an innovative university experience through a celebration of culture, music, history and education, to encourage and empower growth throughout our community, creating a platform for talents and individuals to come together, shine in a host of our uniquely diverse events & to be the glue that brings all the different cultures together in the university.


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Staffs ACS stands for #blacklivesmatter
For anyone that is struggling in this time, reach out to us, in order for us to make a difference
in this world, we have to stand together and take care of one another - Staffs ACS President 20/21


Clubs & Societies

Not all of our Student Groups are active right now due to social distancing measures but take a look at all of the clubs and societies you can be part of at Staffs.

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Academic Representatives

If you have something you'd like to raise about your course or you're broader University experience, you can contact your Course or Department Rep, or even one of your Elected Officers

  • Course Representatives represent their level (year) of their Course and feedback to tutors on module and course specific issues
  • Department Representatives represent groups of courses across related fields (e.g. Fine Art is a course withing the Humanities & Arts Department) and meet with more senior figures within the University about Department-relevant feedback
  • Full-time Elected Officers are 4 Staffs students, much like yourself, elected to lead and shape the direction of the Students' Union. They meet regularly with the most senior staff within the University about student issues and feedback to make significant and long-term change on an University-wide scale.


ResLife Mentors (RLMs)

Residence Life, or 'ResLife' for short, strives to make your time at Staffordshire University Halls of Residence the best that it can be. We promise to provide a safe, affordable and comfortable place to live.

You’ll be well looked after by our ResLife Mentors who are close at hand if you need them. They stay in our student accommodation and make sure everyone is happy and settled. As students who have been at the University for at least a year, they know exactly what it's like to be a student like you. They're the people to go to if you need help finding the best supermarket in the area, ideas for a good day out or even where to do your laundry. If you just want a cuppa and a chat, our RLMs can help you out.

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Staffs Uni One Staffs Cafe

Staffordshire University One Staffs cafe is a great way to meet new people at the University.

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Staffs Uni Covid Community Group

We want to make sure there’s a place for our entire Staffordshire University community to connect and be part of it, wherever they’re based.

This groups aims to bring together people who are:

  • A Staffs Uni student and or staff member based at any site (Stoke, Stafford, Shrewsbury, London or distance learners) and looking to find relevant information or online entertainment they can enjoy from a safe social distance
  • Maybe still on the Stoke campus site or in the Stoke-on-Trent area and are looking for practical support such as resource & skill swapping

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Peer Mentors / Wellbeing Mentors (launching September 2020)

Information coming soon...



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