Staffordshire University Students Union is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO 1173330)

The way the Students' Union is established and operates in law, is set out in its constitution, It is based on the Model CIO Constitution developed for Students Unions by BWB and approved by the Charity Commission.

A full copy of our Constitution is available to download and view here.

Alongside the Constitution, there are a series of byelaws that have been adopted to add detail to how the Students Union conducts its affairs and is governed.

Outline of Byelaws


Membership & Provision for Opting Out

Explains the types of membership of the Students Union and the rights of members


The Executive Committee/Officer Trustees

Summarises the Terms and Conditions, accountabilities, Duties and Responsibilities or the Sabbatical Officers (Officer Trustees)


The Students Representative Council

Details the compositions, Duties, Role & Responsbilities, accountability, and how meetings are convened and conducted


Union Networks

Union Networks are defined as groups or meetings where members come together to exchange views and participate in activity, which will stimulate members’ interest and inform Students in areas of common concern


Better Staffs Forum

Better Staffs Forum is the main policy setting and decision making body of the Students ’ Union, and allows the membership to directly influence the Union’s priorities and to hold it to account via its elected Officers


Conduct of Business

Recognises the benefits of an informal approach to meetings, but provides procedural order where more structured debating of issues is required, including frameworks for order of business of meetings


Union Policy

Clarifies the policy making principles and authority, how it changes and how long it lasts.


Elections, Referenda and Petitions


Details how the Union membership can elect its representatives, and call for and implement changes through referral to the whole membership.


Union Committees

Lists the governance Committees of the Union, their composition, responsibilities and duties:


Members Complaints Procedure

Outlines how members can complain and the procedures that will be followed to investigate and address the complaints, and recourse where complaints aren’t satisfied internally


Code of Conduct for Members (Disciplinary Procedures)

Outline the expectations of members and the process for conducting member disciplinary investigation and action, and appeals procedure


Student Activities 

Defines the principles for establishing and funding student activity groups that are constituted and supported as part of the Students Union (as required by the Education Act 1994).


Financial Regulations

Outlines the regulations covering the control of the organisations assets and the responsibilities, accountabilities, and restrictions.  It also establishes the inter-relationship with the University as primary funder (and meets with the University Code of Conduct on the Operation of the Students Union)

We proudly represent the academic interests of all Students at Staffordshire University. Providing advice, student groups and fantastic experiences that make us all very Proud to be Staffs.