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Here at Staffordshire University Students' Union, we want every Student to be proud to be a part of Staffs. We're sorry to understand that an experience with our charity has not met your expectations and would like to take an opportunity to explore what happened, so that we can attempt to turn that experience around.

What does making a complaint involve?

We know that if something has gone wrong, you'll want a quick resolution to be easily found. Our process is designed to get your experience back on track as soon as possible. 

Firstly, you'll complete the form via the link below, providing your personal details and the information relating to your complaint. Please note that we need to be able to contact you to resolve your complaint, so we do not accept anonymous submissions. You'll recieve an email receipt, containing the details of your submitted complaint and our processes. 

Your complaint will be escalated immediately to an organisational line manager. They will take an opportunity to investigate your complaint, which may include contacting you for more information.

We want to be thorough in our investigations and so we may take up to 14 days to complete this stage of your complaint.

Once the investigation is complete, the manager will contact you to confirm their findings and explore a possible outcome.


Who can I speak to about my complaint?

Normally, an investigating manager will contact you to confirm that they have recieved your complaint and to provide you with their basic contact details. But, if you'd like to explore your complaint with another member of our team, you'll be welcome to reply to your email receipt to arrange those next steps.


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