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Every University aims to provide the best possible student experience. At Staffs, we believe a big part of this is listening to the ‘Student Voice’, and finding out exactly what students want and need. This page will answer some of the basic questions students might have about the Student Voice, and why it matters.

What is the Student Voice?

The Student Voice is simply the collective thoughts and experiences of our students. We gather these together in many ways: through surveys, special events, and the day-to-day interaction between staff and students.

It is extremely useful for education providers to have an understanding of student experiences. At Staffs, we’re keen to hear the Student Voice wherever we can, and use it to help us improve academic and non-academic life at our University. One way in which we do this is by talking to Academic Representatives.

What is an academic rep?

Every student should have their own Academic Representative for their course.

As with most higher education institutions, students have the opportunity to choose a group of their peers to represent their interests, make suggestions for improvements, and highlight any problems that individuals or students as a whole are having. They may also contribute to choosing and organising social activities and events.

The purpose of student representation is to make sure the staff understand students’ interests, and that the institution hears the Student Voice.

Any student can put themselves forward to be a student representative within the Students' Union. Our student representatives benefit not only from formal training, but also from having extra opportunities to develop skills such as communication and organisation. This makes being a representative a great experience in its own right.

Why is it so important?

Students know things about their University that lecturers and other staff do not: they know whether a teaching method is effective; they know if a course is interesting or boring; they know if technology is being used well to help students learn.

It’s only by involving students that we can make sure they are getting the best possible education, and the best possible experience at Staffs. That is why we want our students to consider themselves partners in their education experience – we’ll work together proactively to ensure they get the most out of their time with us.


Upcoming Information and Training

Are you a rep that still needs to complete training? We have online sessions and loads of resources available for you via Blackboard. All you have to do is login and self-enrol onto the course titled "Academic Representative Training" and you'll be able to access everything!


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