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We are the Cosplay and Convention Society!

SCAC Society is a group of people, ranging from people who just want to attend conventions, beginner cosplayers to the experts! We all come from different fanbases, so no matter how small or large everybody is welcome!

You can join our discord here -


What are our socials?

Cosplay building sessions! – We know student accommodation isn’t the best place to get crafty on massive projects, so we will be booking out art spaces frequently for everyone to get together, share tips and work on guided projects or personal cosplays!

Movie nights - Based on polls a week beforehand, we will be hosting film nights!

Photoshoots – For anybody who wants to get some photos of their cosplays taken, or wants to take photos, are more than welcome to come along to our photoshoot sessions.

Going to Conventions! – As a Society, we will attend cons throughout the academic year, from gaming to anime, trying to achieve you the best possible discounts in the process


Our committee!

Society Manager – Laura Russell

Communications Officer – Lulu Wild

Finance officer – Ben Elms