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"In England and Wales, nearly a fifth of people come from a BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic)* background. The mental health of BAME communities is important because people from these communities often face individual and societal challenges that can affect access to healthcare and overall mental and physical health." (Source: Mental Health Foundation (MHF))

Challenges might include:

  • Racism and discrimination

  • Social and economic inequalities

  • Mental health stigma

People's experiences of mental health differ based on their lived experiences and the MHF recommends culturally appropriate treatment and interventions for BAME* individuals which is why we're highlighting tailored support and services alongside those readily available within the University, locally and nationally.


Question: Have you reached out to a friend or someone you know who might be struggling with what's been going on around racism in the news lately? 


Available Support Services

If you are struggling with your wellbeing, or know someone that might be, we hope that these services and resources will help:


Students' Union
University Student Support Services

Wed 10 Jun 2020

Students' Union
Students' Union Advice Centre

Wed 10 Jun 2020

Our friendly team are here to support and enable you - whatever the issue, whatever you need

Students' Union
Student to student support and activities

Wed 10 Jun 2020

A list of student to student support available at Staffs

Students' Union
General well-being resources

Wed 10 Jun 2020

From the University Well-being pages which also includes external links

Students' Union
Self-Care and support for Black and POC members

Wed 10 Jun 2020

A list of external resources and information around supporting yourself and/or your friends

Students' Union
Reporting Hate Crime

Wed 10 Jun 2020

Working with the community to stamp out Hate Crime



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*It is important to note that BAME is a term that covers a wide range of people with a very diverse range of needs. Different ethnic groups have different experiences of mental health problems that reflect their culture and context.

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