#NoExcuse | Game Changer

There's loads of great things that make us all very Proud to Be Staffs! We're home to a fantastic community of students, staff and lecturers who work tirelessly to make Staffs the amazing place that it is.
However, not everyone is lucky enough to only see the positive side of Staffs and Stoke-on-Trent. That's why we're working with the University to create a change in behaviour and challenge anyone who discriminates against anybody in our community.
Our #NoExcuse campaign is the key to creating behaviour change!
We'll be building on the campaign throughout the year to challenge a range of different negative behaviours and make real change here at Staffs. 
There's #NoExcuse for Sexual Violence

Working together to tackle sexual violence, hate crime and harrassment

There's #NoExcuse for Islamaphobia and hate crime at Staffs

Find out how you can be an #UPSTANDERnotbystander