YouCan | Game Changer

We're changing the game of 'how students' view mental health and wellbeing' with YouCan - our fantastic initiative to get students, staff, friends and family getting active, talking about mental health and making a real difference. 
Our Officers are breaking down sporting barriers by linking up with our sports teams, trying 'give it a go' and getting active - and we'll be there to film, vlog and show you how to they get on!
We'll also be highlighting activities that don't seem like 'sport and fitness' but are actually great for your body and showing you that even the smallest activities can make a difference to your wellbeing. 
And, we'll of course be continuing to improve the mental health provisions here at Staffs, working with the University on a mental health strategy, linking your healthy body and healthy mind, and taking every opportunity to normalise talking about mental health!
Look out for our Vlogs, events, activities and more throughout the year!
If you'd like to get involved and share your own #YouCan vlog, get in touch at



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